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To receive news and updates from the China Gateway — including information on international agreements, alumni gatherings, networking events and Ohio State students, faculty and staff in China — please register your interest in the Gateway. 

Faculty traveling to China are encouraged to notify Gateway director Phoebe You of their impending visit. The staff at the Shanghai office can help by facilitating focused networking, targeted recruitment and support for scholarly work abroad. The Gateways can also help identify accommodations and provide recommendations and general wayfinding. 

The Ohio State University partnered with key academic, research, industry and government regulatory partners in China for a China One Health Workshop from October 17-19. The workshop, held at Fudan University in Shanghai, allowed researchers with similar interests to meet, discuss and organize future collaborations. The three-day event had many distinguished speakers who touched on a variety of themes like antimicrobial resistance, utilization of new technology for diagnosis and management of zoonotic diseases, impact of environmental and occupational hazards on health, food safety and the impact of climate on chronic diseases.

The Ohio State China Gateway hosted the first general meeting for the Ohio State Alumni Club of Shanghai on August 27. During the meeting, elections were held for the executive and advisory alumni boards.

The advisory board elected 12 board members, co-chaired by Desmond Thio, CEO of Delta Health China, and Michelle Huang, CEO of SourceLimit. Eleven board members were elected to the executive board, which is chaired by Maoyen Chi, CEO of Cold Spring Harbor. Chairs for the advisory board will serve for six months and all other board members will serve for at least 12 months.

“The next few years will be an important and critical time for our alumni club. In our local Buckeye community, the ages and backgrounds are becoming more and more diverse. Our executive board will reach out to alumni to gather talent and our advisory board will work on a rotation of responsibilities,” said Thio, advisory board co-chair.

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The third conference of American Universities’ China Association (AUCA) took place at the EducationUSA office in Beijing on Monday, August 15. Max S. Baucus, U.S. ambassador, spoke at the event and emphasized the importance of education in “people to people diplomacy.” He recognized the significance of AUCA representative offices and encouraged the group to work hard to promote international and cultural exchange between the United States and China.

Speakers at the conference included representatives from EducationUSA and various public and private universities. Topics discussed included: “Changes and future prospects of China education market,” “Benefits and risks in Sino-U.S. joint educational programs and projects,” “Career Fairs and internship opportunities in China,” and “China’s new NGO laws and its impacts on U.S. universities’ operations in China.” Over 40 representatives from various AUCA offices attended the meeting, including Harvard, Stanford, Penn State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Indiana, Illinois-UC, USC, Webster, NYIT, Michigan State, Maryland, Kent State, Rutgers and Kansas State.

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