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Alumnus Cheng Chen

I had a goal when I first entered Ohio State: to operate my own company. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in operations management and logistics from the Fisher College of Business in 2013, I came back to China to start my own business.

In my freshman year at Ohio State, I was president for an organization named “Teagether” to promote tea culture and meet new friends. There I met my current business partner and we later attended many events and activities hosted by Fisher. When both of us completed our degrees at Ohio State, we decided to open a company together. In 2014, we founded an international silk product retail brand called Luxuer, aiming to provide the fine Chinese silk goods to the global market. We’ve developed a website for our products and promoted our business online.

My Ohio State experience affected my career paths internationally – it opened a global view in my mind, and that led me to my current entrepreneurship in serving a global market. There is so much value in gaining international experience and understanding people from a different cultural background. With better understanding, we can have better communication and cooperation.

I believe students who have international experiences are more competitive in today’s job market. They will better adapt no matter where they go and what they do. I hope my alma mater continues to offer my fellow Buckeye students the opportunity to study, travel and intern abroad, giving them a better chance to succeed.

But for Ohio State, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be in touch with the lovely Buckeye alumni community and know the friendliness of people from the Midwest. I wouldn’t have fallen in love with football, an unfamiliar sport in China. I’m very grateful for the care and support my alma mater has brought me. Ohio State is my pride forever. GO BUCKS!