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Alumnus Steven Crandall

Steven CrandallI graduated from Ohio State in 1984 with a Bachelor of Sciences in  Business Administration and Marketing. My father also attended The Ohio State University. I came to China at the recommendation of Roger Blackwell, a professor of mine. From one comment by him came my decision to come to China.

Ohio State affected me and my career paths internationally. In today’s world, it is almost impossible to remain isolated. How could you lead without an international understanding? I believe students who have international experience are more competitive in today’s job market. Multicultural teams are the most successful. Employers want people who can win in many contexts. Even if you stay physically at home, you will most likely have international colleagues.

But for Ohio State, my thinking would remain parochial and small. Ohio State opened the door for me to so many new opportunities. Ohio State did not teach me, but it provided the context where I learned. I don’t think that school is just about the classes. It is so much more. Learn to learn. Learn to sacrifice for a larger good. There is so much more to be achieved and enjoyed.