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Study Abroad Alumnus: Nicholas Steinbrecher

I studied abroad in London, England my freshman year, and participated in the Canadian Parliament Internship later in my college career. The Canadian experience was run through multiple universities, but Ohio State was unique in that we had a class to prepare us for the experience. Without that initial support, I would not have had such a positive experience, nor would I have been as effective in my internship. Ohio State made sure we were prepared and had a "leg up" on other interns participating in the program.

One of the biggest and most unexpected results of traveling abroad still occurs to me today. When I'm out talking to new friends, coworkers or strangers, some topic will come up that related directly to my study abroad. I love the fact I can talk about topics that I have direct connections to. With my experience in England, I can talk about the silly, little things — like how the author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie, gave the rights to his Peter Pan works to a hospital for children — to more serious topics like international security.

I also developed friendships with people who I traveled abroad and I still talk to them nine years later. The experience of learning about a new culture is a bonding experience that can create lifelong friendships. Though these friendships are not exclusive to just those I traveled with — through my internship in Canada, I developed professional relationships with those who have continued to be references and professional support for me.

Both study abroad sessions were completely affordable, but I do recall receiving information from the Office of International Affairs offering advice and help if money was a concern. Both experiences were designed to fit within my graduation requirements, and neither hindered my ability to graduate on time.

I would have traveled abroad with or without Ohio State, however my travel abroad experiences would not have happened if not for Ohio State.

— Nicholas Steinbrecher, '08, BA Sociology, Political Science