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IMG 2306Junior Anna Hurley is studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, through DIS Copenhagen, a program that emphasizes using Europe as the students' classrooms. 

"I’m not even done with my semester in Copenhagen, and I’m already so glad I decided to study abroad. The best way to learn is through experience, and I can’t think of a more genuine way to experience a place than to live there. The world is an amazing teacher, and I highly recommend becoming its student."

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SarahRettigJunior Sarah Rettig studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain, through the ISA Barcelona, Spain: Spanish Language, Liberal Arts and Business program during autumn 2017.

"I believe study abroad is an opportunity that should never be passed up. Travel exposes you to completely new and unfamiliar environments, ways of life, ideas and cultures. Making my way in a foreign country in another language was a huge challenge and gave me greater confidence, independence and whole new view of the world. I think the challenges that living abroad poses and the memories you make on such a journey make study abroad a great opportunity for everyone. You never know how study abroad will change you and enable you to grow."

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Education Abroad Profiles

  • Monica takes in the view of Visegrád

    Monica Davidovic

    Senior, Monica Davidovic, studying political science an Slavic and Eastern European studies, studied abroad with the Global May Hungary 2015 program.

    "Studying abroad was nothing sh ...

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  • Jennifer Lawson

    Jennifer Lawson

    Senior, nursing major, Jennifer Lawson, shares her experience from her time abroad in Nicaragua during May 2013.

    “Before my experience in Nicaragua, I had never been out of the countr ...

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