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Global Perspectives: Leonardo Sprintzin

Leonardo Sprintzen is a 2017 graduate of the Fisher College of Business and is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Knowing that I wanted the tools to make the difference in the future, applying to Ohio State was a clear decision for me. Now that I have just graduated and am a proud Buckeye alumnus, I would like to recount my Ohio State experience! One powerful tool that Ohio State provided me with is a connection to the world through a diverse campus environment. Within the student body, you can find people from all over the world, which means that respect and tolerance are important pillars of this institution. Meeting new people and consequently discovering new cultures expands our ability to understand and work with others, giving us the ability to overcome and prevent any ethnic or racial divisions, ultimately helping us to fight ignorance.

Another important aspect of my experience was the school spirit among Ohio State students. Buckeyes represent their school at all times, and every student is proud to be a Buckeye. As a result, the students and alumni have an immediate connection to each other simply because they attended, or are attending, the same school. It is important to note that most of the alumni stay involved with the school because of the strong Buckeye identity. The city of Columbus also helps the students to develop their school spirit, since it is an important university partner. Columbus offers many opportunities to students, such as jobs and internships. I really enjoyed Columbus’ vibrant entertainment scene, which contributes to that connected community feeling. It was very important to me to have this fun and interesting environment to live, work and relax in.

Being able to attend an institution with a strong reputation for excellence as Ohio State was crucial for me in order to help me achieve my dreams of having a successful career. After all, as the great Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today.” I am certain that attending The Ohio State University taught me a lot about the world so that in the future I can help alleviate ignorance, and create a more peaceful planet through my work.