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Brazil Gateway News


The Brazilian Graduate Students and Scholars Conference (BRASCON) promotes activities to enable integration, communication and professional development for the Brazilian scientific community. This year BRASCON will take place June 23 - 24 at The Ohio State University.

Registration is available online.

Confirmed speakers include:

José Pires, Excellence & Innovation (E&I) leader, Andeavor Corporation; Duilia de Mello, vice provost, The Catholic University of America; Joana D'arc Felix de Souza, associate professor and coordinator, State Technical School Professor Carmelino Correa Jr.; Ulisses Mello, director of research, IBM Brazil; Marcio Resende, associate professor, University of Florida.


Pathways to Collaboraion

On April 14 - 15, Ohio State faculty, staff, students, alumni and members of government, non-profits, arts organizations and the private sector gathered for presentations, discussions and panels related to the launch of the book, “Pathways to Collaboration at the STEAM Factory.”

The book discusses how we can build a collaborative future in an age of specialization and compartmentalization and what strategies and tactics work to build cooperative teams. In 52 chapters over two volumes, the diverse authors of Pathways to Collaboration explore these questions and more through personal stories of bottling the elusive lightning of collaboration.

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Siqi ChenSiqi Chen is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Science in engineering at The Ohio State University.

It was a ifechanging experience being in Brazil for two months. When I got accepted by CESAR, an innovative company in Recife, I felt excited but also nervous. After I arrived in Recife alone a few days before the program starting date, the adventure had already started. Everything was new to me, and the people I met were very nice. When I walked to a shopping mall to apply for a SIM card, the company Oi couldn’t provide the service, and because I don’t speak Portuguese, the staff members wrote down a note for me telling me to show to other companies such as TIM to apply for a SIM card so that they would understand. People were patient and loved to help.

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