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On January 25 the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs launched the Electronic Visitor Visa Program, eVisa, for those who hold a United States passport, and a few other countries. This new process of acquiring a visa electronically will be easier because applicants that meet the requirements do not have to visit a Brazilian consulate.
You can apply for the eVisa and obtain it online or through the app on your mobile phone or tablet. Provided all required documents are submitted correctly, visas are normally issued within 4 - 5 working days.
Another benefit is that the cost is lower than when applying for a visa at a consulate. In total, obtaining a visa through eVisa is $44.50 (visa fee of $40 plus a service fee of $4.24). The visa will be valid for up to two years, for a maximum of 90 days in-country per year. All major visa categories are covered: business, tourism, cultural and scientific programs, research activity and studies.
For more details on necessary documentation, FAQs and accessing the online form, please, visit the eVisa website.

Daniel Silveira Cintra is a Brazilian student who interned through The Ohio Program, an international exchange program of The Ohio State University specializing in internships for horticulture, agriculture and turf Grass.
I am a forest engineer and last year I had the opportunity to participate in The Ohio Program (TOP). I interned at Speedling Incorporated in California. It was an intense year of learning and personal development that only such an opportunity can offer.
I learned about the program through a presentation in my university in Brazil, and I was the first student in my major to participate in the program. After sending in my application and going through some interviews, there I was, in California!

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Students and staff from the Fisher Honors Cohort Program were in Brazil December 14 - 23. The program consists of an eclectic, tight knit group of 30 highly motivated, hand-picked students who seek to leverage educational opportunities across the entire university. It spans from the autumn semester of a student's junior year and into the spring semester of their senior year.

Ty Shepfer, senior lecturer and director of the Honors Cohort Program, and Zach Grammel, program manager at the Office of Global Business, accompanied the students in their visits to Brazilian companies and nonprofits, events and activities. The programming in Brazil was organized by Shepfer and Grammel with support from their in-country travel agency and the Brazil Gateway team.

During their stay, the group visited the Brazil Gateway's new office in Moema. Jane K. Aparecido, Brazil Gateway's academic relations and alumni community manager, spoke about the office and the relationships and opportunities between Ohio State and institutions in Brazil. Andrea Costa, senior consultant at Visagio, one of Ohio State's main partners in Brazil, spoke about Visagio, its business and consulting strategy and its connection with Ohio State through programs such as GAP (Global Applied Projects), internships available for Fisher's MBA students and its seven-week program for Visagio's consultants at Fisher.

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