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  • Global Engagement News

    Check out the newsletter to stay updated on Global Engagement's activities on campus and in Columbus.

  • Partnership with Waseda

    Aiji Tanaka, president of Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan, visited Ohio State on April 29 to sign renewals of international agreements between the College of Arts and Sciences and Waseda.

  • Buckeyes Cheer on Roma

    #BuckeyesAbroad on European Model of Sport study abroad program traded in their Scarlet and Gray for the Yellow and Red of AS Roma

  • Engagement Awards

    Ohio State – South Africa Antibiotic Stewardship “Train-the-Trainer” mentoring program wins 2019 Distinguished International Engagement Award.

  • Photo Competition Open

    The 2019 International Photography Competition is now accepting submissions from all Ohio State students, staff, faculty and alumni.


New programs coming to education abroad

Students can explore the science of map-making in Scandinavia, study the geography of the European Union, dance in Denmark or even immerse themselves in biological research in a Panamanian neotropical rainforest as part of several new study abroad programs coming to Ohio State in 2016-2017.

With more than 200 programs in 50 different countries, students have many options to find the program best suited for them. View the new programs offered below and explore all education abroad opportunities using the education abroad search tool. Be sure to attend our Education Abroad Expo on Friday, September 16 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. in the Buckeye Reading Room of the Thompson Library for your chance to speak to the experts about education abroad.

New Programs in 2016-2017

Bolivia Global May is designed to offer a unique cultural experience for undergraduate students who wish to gain an experience with global diversity by learning in a foreign country. This program will study Andean cultures and literature, examine Bolivia's key historical moments and explore contemporary social, political, economic and cultural issues. This program is specifically designed for first and second year students of any major who are interested in learning about the global significance of Bolivia.

The Brazilian Experience: Surveying Brazilian Culture through Music and Education will introduce students to the music, culture and educational systems of Brazil. After two weeks of study on the Ohio State campus in May, all members of the class will travel to Salvador, Bahia- the musical heart of Brazil. Following the stay in Salvador, the group will travel to Rio de Janeiro to experience its rich culture. While in Brazil, students will engage in master classes, interactive music performances, observation of schools and several cultural experiences.

Santiago, Chile Culture and City takes place during spring break and immerses students in the culture, history, urban, landscape and architectural environment of Santiago, Chile. Culture will be explored through local markets and food, the Pre Colombian and other museums and cultural centers. Architecture and landscape highlights include visits to key historical contemporary architecture and urban projects by Alejandro Arevena, Smiljan Radic and Elemental - to name a few.

Race, Revolution and Culture in Cuba is a May program where you will experience the African culture that is at the heart of Cuban identity. Based in the capital city of Havana, you will explore how African history and culture has shaped the Caribbean island, known for its music, dance and beauty. With visits to national museums and lectures from local scholars and community activists, you will witness firsthand how central African culture is to Cuban culture.

Geography of the European Union – Cyprus is a four-week May study abroad program designed to offer students the opportunity to study the geography of the European Union (EU) in Cyprus, the easternmost member of the European Union and the Eurozone. The program will be offered at Neapolis University which is located in the coastal historic city of Pafos, less than 100 meters from the sea. Pafos is designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, because of its many archaeological treasures and during 2017, it will serve as the European Capital of Culture.

Dance Denmark is a summer program where a group of BFA and MFA dance students will perform at indoor and outdoor performance spaces during the sport and culture festival, LANDSSTÆVNET, in Aalborg. Students will also perform at the Fourth of July celebration in Rebild Bakker. There will be opportunities for the students to collaborate and perform with dance students from Gerlev Sports Academy. Participating students will teach dance classes for youth groups, lead cultural dialog sessions and take a variety of dance classes. Students will visit historical and cultural sites and participate in community engagement activities.

Evolution in Darwin’s World and Ours – England provides an opportunity for students to learn about the history of biology and evolutionary theory in particular, and gain an informed understanding of the relevance of modern evolutionary theory. The course begins on Ohio State's campus in the second seven weeks of the spring semester with a brief overview of the origins of biological and medical sciences. In England, you will travel with Darwin scholar and Professor Gene Kritsky, College of Mount St. Joseph, and his students. Guided visits will include the British Museum, Linnaean Society of London, Westminster Abbey, Down House and Cambridge University, where Darwin received his baccalaureate degree.

France Beyond Borders will take place across France, Spain and Belgium with a focus on the idea of how borders (and lack thereof) play a key role in redefining French and European identities. Participants will certainly visit Paris, the center and capital, but will focus more on cities such as Marseille and Toulouse, where traditional, regional culture comes together with immigrant cultures in innovative ways. Students will come away with a unique understanding of how language and culture shape identity politics and how French national identity is being challenged by both local and global concerns. You will visit numerous music, art and historical museums, have private dinner concerts with musicians, watch a soccer match and attend a Basque film screening in the presence of the director.

Northern Italy: Modern and Contemporary Architecture in Turin, Milan and Ivrea, Italy will give students direct access to works of exceptional modern architecture including urban design, landscapes and individual structures conceived for multiple functions, whose interiors, furniture and products incorporate a total design ethic and aesthetic. Students will experience the a near-utopian environment expected to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018. This program is open to all majors.

Tropical Behavioral Ecology and Evolution in Panama is a May program where you will be immersed in biological research in a Panamanian Neotropical rainforest. With guidance of instructors, students will propose and complete independent research projects related to insect evolution, ecology and behavior. You will have unique opportunities to interact with a global community of scientists and work at the world-renowned Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

Understanding the Impact of HIV on Health and Society – Tanzania will have you immersed in learning and research activities to generate or use primary sources (e.g. interviews, archived documents and village-level data) to understand the impact of HIV. Such a course will enrich students’ educational outcomes, provide contextualization and internationalization of overlapping curricula and foster global competencies by helping students negotiate daily life in Tanzania.

Sustainable and Resilient Tanzanian Community focuses on applied, service-learning projects in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. You will contribute to the sustainability of a partnered community’s long-term food, water, energy and health systems in conjunction with the Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering (CEGE) capstone program. In addition to participating in service in a global context, you will explore the complex challenges and opportunities of sustainable development in rural Tanzania.

Genocide and Its Aftermath in Rwanda will explore the 1994 Rwandan genocide and its aftermath through active learning experiences. You will begin by studying the origins of the genocide with an emphasis on why the genocide occurred and, more broadly, what causes genocide globally. Then you will study the violence itself, including the forms of violence, who participated in the violence and who was victimized. Lastly, you will turn your attention to the aftermath of the genocide and study the legal response to the violence. You will have the chance to examine the current state of human rights in Rwanda and critically explore the country’s tremendous economic growth since 1994.

Mapping our World – Sweden offers you a unique education abroad experience by combining online course work in the art and science of map-making with a two week immersive field-study experience at Lund University, Sweden, located in one of Northern Europe’s most dynamic and exciting regions. During your time in Sweden, you will engage in geographic fieldwork and data collection exercises, attend lectures by local experts and tour significant places, historical sites and museums. Time before, during and after the program can be devoted to independent travel. Coursework can be used to fulfill the GE Data Analysis.

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