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Primary Medical Insurance

While participating in an Ohio State study abroad program, you are required to maintain your primary insurance coverage. Following university procedures, you will be automatically enrolled in Ohio State comprehensive student health insurance for each semester you study abroad. If you have other primary medical insurance and do not want to be enrolled in Ohio State comprehensive student health insurance, you can request exemption online by going to buckeyelink.osu.edu. You will be asked to provide information about your current health insurance provider.

Supplemental Travel Insurance

Ohio State's supplemental travel insurance is provided through HTH Worldwide Services. This supplemental insurance is required for all Ohio State students studying abroad, and includes a policy covering accident and sickness and for emergency assistance, evacuation and repatriation.

Students traveling with programs offered by the Office of International Affairs

Students participating in study abroad programs offered by the Office of International Affairs are automatically enrolled in supplemental travel insurance, and do not need to enroll separately for supplemental travel insurance. In your Ohio State acceptance packet, you will receive a description of HTH benefits and covered medical expenses, and will receive an insurance card prior to your departure. Please carry this insurance card with you at all times while you are abroad.

Your supplemental insurance is in effect for the duration of your study abroad program only. If you plan personal travel before or after your program, you are advised to obtain health insurance that covers you for medical care while overseas. One option is to obtain an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which provides international health insurance coverage for travelers.

Students traveling for academic or co-curricular purposes

All Ohio State students traveling to international locations for academic or co-curricular purposes are required to enroll in the university's supplemental travel insurance. This includes service and volunteer, undergraduate or graduate/dissertation research, international internships or independent study as part of their academic program are required to enroll separately in the university's supplemental travel insurance. Please complete the following steps to apply for the supplemental insurance online.

If you do not have an active Ohio State username and password, or if a university department is paying for your insurance, please disregard the following directions for using the online application system. Instead, please download, complete and return the Insurance Enrollment Request Form.

If you are an Ohio State student with a current username and password, and you will be paying for your own supplemental travel insurance, please complete the following steps to apply online.

Applying Online for Supplemental Travel Insurance

1. Please visit the Online Supplemental Travel Insurance Application and log in with your Ohio State username and password.

2. Enter the term code that matches your date of departure: 

2014 - 2015
AU 14 = 1148

SP 15 = 1152

SU 15 = 1154

2015 - 2016
AU 15 = 1158

SP 16 = 1162

SU 16 = 1164

3. Enter program code INDP SA SR

Please note that you will not be able to make chances to the "Student Information" section. If the information automatically populating this section is incorrect, do not save the application. Close your browser and log in to your student center at buckeyelink.osu.edu to make any changes to your student information. Once you have made the needed changes, you may begin the insurance application again.

4. In the "Personal Statement" field, enter the following information:

  • Coverage start and end dates
  • Country or countries to which you will travel
  • Purpose of your travel

If you do not fill out this information in this required field, your insurance enrollment will not be processed.

5. Once you have completed all fields and forms, click "Submit." The charge for the supplemental insurance premium will be posted to your Statement of Account. Please monitor your Statement for this charge. Once the charge has posted, you must log in to your student center at buckeyelink.osu.edu to submit payment.

Once your insurance enrollment has been processed, you will receive an email with your insurance documents (hard copies will be mailed to the address on record with Ohio State).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the supplemental insurance application say "Study Abroad" in the title?

The supplemental travel insurance application is a modified version of the online study abroad application system. The INSU STDNT program code is not a study abroad program; you will not be enrolled or charged as a study abroad program participant. You will only be enrolled in the supplemental travel insurance and only be charged for the insurance premium.

How far in advance should I apply for this required insurance?

It is recommended that you apply for the insurance at least three weeks prior to your departure date. This will ensure that your enrollment request is received and processed in time for you to be issued your insurance documents prior to departure.

How much is the insurance premium?

The supplemental travel insurance is $1.61 per day. The total premium will be calculated using the daily rate multiplied by the number of days listed for the coverage start and end dates in the personal statement. Do not forget to include days of travel on the beginning and end of your experience abroad. 

How do I determine what term to use in filling out the application?

Choose your term based on the start date of your coverage. For example, if your start date falls within summer term, choose summer as your term of application. Your end date for coverage may fall outside your term of application, but coverage is based on your start and end dates.

The application system will not accept the term I chose. What should I do?

You may select another term for your term of application. If you selected summer and it was not accepted, chose autumn instead.

Please contact oia-sa.admin@osu.edu with any questions about the online application process or supplemental travel insurance.