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Role of the Office of International Affairs in MOU, MOA, SEA and Collaborative Degree Process

  • Assisting in the development of MOUs, which express the intent to explore mutual interests
  • Assisting in the preparation of goal-oriented MOAs (the instruments enabling the signatories to engage in mutually advantageous projects to fulfill their institutional missions)
  • Monitoring the establishment of all MOUs, MOAs and SEAs in order to ensure that they comply with Ohio State's norms for such agreements
  • Securing the required signatures
  • Maintaining Ohio State's files and records of all agreements
  • Making all agreements accessible to the Ohio State community

Ohio State Requirements

All formalized agreements should enchance the university's strategic international goals and link the university with international institutions that will mutually benefit from the colloaborations.

The basic requirements that the university applies to each MOU are that it:

  • Expresses the intent to explore collaborative opportunities
  • Records interest to collaborate in one or more broad fields (faculty exchanges, study abroad, student exchanges, etc.)

The basic requirements that the university applies to each MOA, SEA and collaborative degree programs are that they:

  • Identify specific activities, resources, outcomes and obligations by each partner institution
  • Take advantage of identified areas of excellence in research and teaching
  • Include the resources needed to attain or surpass the goals identified for the proposed cooperation by following standard business practices
  • Provide adequate protection for business, health, and safety risks of the institution, its faculty, students and staff
  • Take advantage of converging activities in a given region and, as may be the case, leverage international capacities with Ohio State expertise in furthering Ohio State’s and the international partner’s objectives

Process for Establishing an MOU, MOA and SEA

The information and documents contained within the International Agreement section of the website provide a complete guide to the establishment of Memoranda of Understanding, Memoranda of Agreement as well as Student Exchange Agreements. Each category has a statement of procedures and templates available for adaptation. The corresponding checklists trace a path toward successful completion of such a contract.

Proposals for new agreements with an international university should be discussed with Joanna Kukielka-Blaser (614-292-9999) at the Office of International Affairs from the outset to ensure productive negotiations in support of Ohio State’s goals.

Individual faculty members who wish to propose an MOU or MOA are expected to have the full support of their academic unit and college before an agreement is negotiated in more formal terms.

The Office of International Affairs is ready to assist with the formulation and negotiation of an agreement at any time.

Sponsored Research Projects

The MOU, MOA and SEA protocols specified do not apply to sponsored research projects between a group led by a Principal Investigator and the sponsoring institution or agency. In these cases, the requirements specified by Ohio State's Office of Sponsored Programs or the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research are applicable.