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Memoranda of Understanding and Memoranda of Agreement

Proposals for international Memoranda of Understanding and Memoranda of Agreement must carry the explicit endorsement of appropriate departmental and college administrators. The level(s) of institutional commitment will determine the signatures validating a proposed MOU or MOA (college, central units, and/or university). Content, funding, and oversight of the proposed activities will be clearly documented in the MOU or MOA and/or in its accompanying statement of purpose. In general, signatures are added to a MOU or MOA to:

  • Authorize commitments contained in the specific contractual obligations in terms of services to be performed and/or compensation to be received (deans and higher-level officials).
  • Engage Ohio State in academic, operational, and/or representative objectives at the highest level (president and/or provost) as appropriate.

The framework governing MOUs and MOAs at Ohio State are set down in a policy statement. An easy way of achieving a general agreement is to use the MOU template and for more specific agreements, the detailed MOA template should be used. Please keep in mind that the international partner institution will also have its requirements for such an exchange. The template may not be the best way of addressing all of these bilateral concerns; any text fulfilling the parameters set by the framework for MOUs and MOAs can constitute an acceptable agreement text.

In addition to a draft of the agreement, a well developed MOU or MOA proposal contains:

  • A concept statement developed by the initiating unit describing the activities/collaborations between the two universities, and is signed by the chair of the department. If there are financial commitements made on behalf of the college/unit, the concept statement should also be signed by the dean.
  • A statement of purpose for the envisioned activities under the proposed MOU or MOA. If this is the renewal of an existing agreement, the forward-looking motivation will be complemented by an account of activities during the preceding period of the agreement that justify the continuation of this institutional link as a promising enterprise.

Proposals for new agreements should be discussed at the outset with Joanna Kukielka-Blaser at (614) 292-9999 or kukielka-blaser.1@osu.edu. Please remember that the Office of International Affairs is here to help you establish Memoranda of Understanding and Memoranda of Agreement that enhance your unit’s strategic academic goals in meaningful ways.